Image/Style Questionnaire

Avoid filler words or self-corrected terms, and only use their words (word-for-word).

Client Name *
Client Name
Client Phone
Client Phone
Personality and Goals & Achievements
How would you rate your current confidence level? *
How would you rate your current confidence level?
Internal Self-Confidence (1-5)
External Self-Confidence (1-5)
These would be the abilities you've always been good at; what talents did you have since you were a kid?
These are the skills you've acquired and honed over the years.
If you weren't in the room, what do you think people say about you; what are some of the things people actually have said about you?
Think about and list the people you aspire to be, or the people who you admire most.
Close your eyes, breath deeply, think about it very seriously, and describe what you envision.
What do you believe you're put on the Earth to do? This is not to describe, "having more money", "raise my kids", "do good business", etc. This is about your purpose; why you think you exist.
Pitch for Dan
"Tell me if I heard you correctly...[repeat exactly what they said]...[let them correct you if necessary]...ok, but there's more to your image than just the outside, you need to work on the inside too. So to create a more cohesive alignment between internal and external, would you be open to further developing a mindset that can help you overcome your internal challenges? A friend of mine helps guys like you do exactly that. Would you like to be introduced? If you mention my name, Dan will give you his friends/family discount"
How often do they dress for the following occasions?
For example: networking events, investor meetings, sales pitches, conventions, etc.
For example: weddings, extravagant birthday parties, singles events, etc.
For example: upscale bars/clubs, lounges, wineries, classy restaurants, etc. (places that may have a dress code?)
Fit Questions
Are your sleeves too long or too short?
Is your collar too tight or too big?
Do your shirts billow out over your trouser waist?
Are your jeans or trousers too baggy or too long?
Almost Done
It's all good, the more information for me the better. Share any other details that you think may be pertinent.