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Left: Sean at almost 300lbs in high school, right: Sean after implementing a new health and fitness routine (but still frustratingly single with unfortunate style).

Left: Sean at almost 300lbs in high school, right: Sean after implementing a new health and fitness routine (but still frustratingly single with unfortunate style).

Sean's transformation of style from the left to the right (but it still wasn't quite there yet).

Sean's transformation of style from the left to the right (but it still wasn't quite there yet).

Sean and his beautiful, wonderfully supportive fiancé, Erika. 

Sean and his beautiful, wonderfully supportive fiancé, Erika. 

Energize your mind every day with the desire to learn.
— Grandpa


My business is all about serving and transforming men into extraordinary gentlemen. In the current age, men are paying less attention to how their appearance makes an impact on relationships with people as well as on their self-confidence. And for those who do pay attention and find it valuable, oftentimes they struggle with how to do it in a way that makes sense to them.

I started this business because of those reasons, but also because I knew it was important for myself. I knew I wanted to become a businessperson (now more commonly referred to as an entrepreneur) and find the love of my life, and if my image didn’t communicate who I felt I wanted to be, I wouldn’t attract the people and opportunities I wanted to attract.

I knew I had to make changes when I was a High School UX/UI Designer (Website Designer at the time before UX/UI was even a title), weighing in at almost 300lbs eating garbage and not exercising. I felt like shit all the time, so I decided enough was enough.

I dropped about 60lbs by focusing on nutrition and getting serious about fitness.

And, it wasn’t until college after experimenting and enjoying the process of dressing up and developing my personal style, that I realized how it mattered more than I knew. I got more compliments, I felt more confident and I started inspiring others to dress well too. I also came to realize that while dating, this has a profound impact on how seriously a woman would take me. By the way, words aren't enough; taking action, self-confidence, kindness and personal ambition win the girl at the end of the day.

After graduating from college and working in the tech industry as a UX/UI Designer for a few years, I met my girlfriend, Erika by getting her attention using positive, straightforward conversation while being assertive when warranted. I attracted her, earned her respect, and was able to get a first date with her.

It felt amazing to win a date with this woman, she truly was difficult to get a date with because of her own frustrations about dating in general. She wasn't playing "hard-to-get", she just genuinely didn't enjoy the process after meeting so many weirdos and guys with big egos.

Gladly, I was the one, polite, well-dressed weirdo she liked enough to go out with. And, soon after we fell in love.

While I continued working in the tech industry, I found that I hated working in tech. Erika being the supportive woman that she is, found an opportunity for me that changed everything: providing custom, made-to-measure clothing for men as a J.Hilburn Personal Stylist. It was incredible!

Compared to UX/UI Design, styling my friends, family and clients made me feel like I was a true asset to people, giving men an experience they weren’t getting in retail stores.

However, I found that it wasn’t enough for what men really needed. Guys who knew their style already and understood what to wear barely needed the assistance I wanted to give, and those who didn't know where the hell to start needed more guidance.

The missing piece before and after impeccable products was more full-service attention outside of just clothes. That's what inspired the creation of Nuinspiration. So, I continued to build my businesses on the side, devoting most of if not all my spare time to serving men and shaping my service model.

Throughout my remaining time in tech, I developed an astigmatism by staring at a computer screen for 8+ hrs/day for at this point, 9 years, and I didn’t get to work with people the way I wanted. Consulting guys on their style and image was my true passion, and because I had one foot out the door at my day job, I eventually got fired. AND THAT. FELT. TERRIBLE...

Because UX/UI Design was my first love and passion. That feeling though, lasted only for a few hours before I realized it was actually a blessing that allowed me to focus on Nuinspiration full time, and further develop this impactful work that inspires men to love themselves and display their individuality to the world confidently every... Single. Fucking. Day.

So in a nutshell, why do I do this? Because I help men feel extraordinary, adopt a sense of style that belongs to them, find success in whatever way their image needs to serve them best, and give them the permission they never gave themselves to embrace a well dressed version of who they really are. And as a result, that makes me feel extraordinary too.


P.S.: Some people think entrepreneurship is easy. It's not. It's difficult, challenging, sometimes lonely work, but totally worthwhile if you have patience, inspiration and aren't motivated only by flashy things. There's a Gary Vaynerchuk quote in there somewhere.


No matter where you are in your journey of greatness, take it to the next level by working with Sean to transform yourself into an extraordinary gentleman.


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