Marc Moreno

"Found Nuinspiration here on Yelp. Most consultants here on yelp cater to women only, so I was very happy to find a business that specializes in men's fashion. I've never really been one to spend a lot of time trying to find the right look, or wardrobe. I find it very time consuming and frustrating when I'm not sure what I should be looking for when it comes to style, color or fit. Well, Sean took all of the guess work out of the equation for me and gave me straight and direct answers based on my height and body shape and occasion I would be attending. 

We set up some time last week to find some quick outfits that I needed to get together,  and when I showed up, Sean had already been busy at work picking out clothes for me. It was AMAZING! almost everything he picked out fit perfect and looked very sharp..(and that was all within the first 20 mins). He gave me some options and listened very carefully to what I liked and did his best to accommodate my needs. He even got me to venture out of my comfort zone and go for a couple of different looks that I would probably have never tried on my own. 

I'd say one of the greatest things I really appreciate about Sean and his business is that you can tell that he loves fashion and teaching others about it. He told me his goal was to teach me about fashion so eventually I could go out and do this on my own. He even gave me some extra consulting over the phone before the event I attended to make sure I was pairing everything up correctly. Great customer service! I learned a lot on our first session and have plans to contact him towards the end of the month for a few special occasions I have coming up. Sean's been a blessing for me and my new wardrobe and I'm feeling excited to show off the new look to my family and friends.

Thanks for everything Sean!

See you soon."

Sean Iretontestimonial