Bobby Rometo

Before, Bobby used to wear baggy, oversized clothing, and some shirts (far left) that made him look like he was trying too hard to be young.

Before, Bobby used to wear baggy, oversized clothing, and some shirts (far left) that made him look like he was trying too hard to be young.


When I first met 'Bob', he felt that he wasn't making himself a priority and he never took the time to stop and see what he was communicating before he spoke. After talking to me about what I do and how I could help him, he realized he needed to do something about it.

When I met his lovely wife, Peggy, she explained to me and confirmed that he never spent time or money on himself. All his energy and motivation was devoted to his marriage, kids and business. We all love that about him, but it was time for a shift in thinking, because how he presented himself to others appearance-wise wasn't even in his consciousness.


We began working together on changing his name. 'Bob' was something he always felt weird about, but wasn't sure why. I learned that 'Bobby' was what all his close friends and family called him, and because he's such a warm and positive guy, I asked him to consider having everyone call him by that name instead of 'Bob'. "Yeah, 'Bob' is so boring," he said. And, because one of his biggest historical influences is Bobby Kennedy, it made so much more sense to switch things up.

When I witnessed Bobby share this shift with his networking group, he literally teared up in front of everyone when inviting them to call him by 'Bobby' instead of 'Bob'. It was incredible to see the profound impact it had on him, as little as that change may seem.

From there, I built out a personal brand that defined what his style should be: what colors worked best with his personality and skin tone, patterns that most flattered his frame, and set him up with made-to-measure clothing. I also created an outfit development document that detailed every garment he'd need for professional attire, professional casual attire and even his leisure lifestyle. Bobby is too damn busy to worry about shopping and coordinating his outfits, so all of these work to his convenience; giving him an easy systematic approach to looking and feeling extraordinary every day. Which he does now, confidently.

Sean was very thorough and very insightful, and courageous enough to make suggestions that someone without that type of commitment would never make.

He went from wearing baggy, unflattering shirts and suits to a well-fitting wardrobe that speaks volumes about who he is and where he's going in life, before he even says a word: successful real estate investor, coach, travel consultant, and loving husband and father.

When asked what changed for him after working with Nuinspiration, he said, "my awareness about the power of my look being consistent with who I am and what I want to project to the world feels amazing. If you're on the fence about getting this type of help, get off the fence. Don't wait, the world deserves to experience who you really are, fully!"


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