Ian Addison


"Having a theater background created opportunity for a wide exposure to a variety of wardrobe consultants and fit experts. When I was looking for help on our next project, I was skeptical to think outside of the box and work with a male consultant. Maybe it's a cultural bias, but perhaps we all think of women first when it comes to fashion.

Sean earned a conversation based on recommendation from a business partner, an up-and-coming product development manager making a name for himself in the tech space. Not expecting anything stellar, we arranged a call time and frankly I was blown away. Every advisor I'd spoken to this year came from the same angle of 'telling me what I want,' but Sean spent most of his time listening.

Rather than rattling off options and trends, Sean wanted to find out who I was as a person, how I wanted that represented through my clothes, and what I wanted my clothes to help me achieve in terms of personal and professional results. Only after he understood me did he walk through potential wardrobe strategies, specifying how each option can impact perception of your persona, and sharing with me his own journey as well as what he's learn from others along the way. This is why I recommend Nuinspiration to friends and colleagues, and specifically why I come back to him quarter after quarter."

-Ian Addison
Managing Director at GetLinkedInHelp
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