Sean Martin



When I first saw Sean Martin at a recent networking event without speaking to him, my perception of him was that he could be an amateur musician, a skater kid, maybe a tattoo artist, or a barista who works at the local Starbucks.

Sean's Challenge

At this networking event, Sean's hair was long and taken back in a pony tail, his clothes baggier than his frame, and he was sporting sneakers that had seen better days. After a majority of the meeting and hearing about what I do, Sean came up to me and said, "I need your help."


After we had a chance to speak, I discovered his humbling demeanor, learned about his military background and how he's by no means an amateur musician, but already has a band with an EP already on Spotify, and is in school studying music theory! Not only that, but he's also an actor finding work in the saturated, seemingly impossible mecca of entertainment: Los Angeles, and how it's been such a personal challenge seeing his fashion from the outside, especially in LA where perception plays such an enormous role in getting work. He was feeling stressed out and stuck in a rut after his last relationship. Not originally from LA, he just needed a change in his image to set him up for a successful new future in an unknown territory.

The Transformation

We set plans to complete a questionnaire where I learned about him in depth, and discovered his natural talents, skills, personal and career goals, what his idea of success looks like to him, who some of his role models are, and more. From there, I took time to develop his personal style, find a new flattering haircut, and plan out specific outfits that he can wear for specific events and occasions.

The Results

Encompassing both casual attire and formal attire, his new image sets him up for success in doing music deals, making stellar first impressions for acting work and social occasions, and non-verbal story-telling to put his best foot forward in dating and at networking events.

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