Jeff Handler

"I had never used a personal stylist/shopper before, and am so glad that I used Sean/Nuinspiration for my first go. I personally have always had trouble finding dress shirts / suits off the rack that were the "right fit", and am now the proud owner of a number of custom items that fit like a glove thanks to Nuinspiration. 

Sean is a true professional that gave me a fantastic experience from scheduling our first meet to when I got my first custom shirt (exactly on time). There's no pressure with Sean, and it's clear from the moment you meet him that he truly cares about creating a comfortable, easy, and convenient experience for his customers, where you will feel like a VIP throughout the entire process. 

He is always on-time with meetings / deliverables, and you can tell that he really puts a ton of thought and energy into delivering a highly tailored (no pun intended) experience for each individual client. For example, he came to each of our meets with a number of items that he'd been thinking about for me, based on things I'd worn or said weeks before, which says a lot about how truly dedicated he is to his clients and their overall experience. 

So, if you feel like your wardrobe could use an upgrade and you're looking to get some custom dress wear but haven't gotten yourself to pull the trigger just yet, give Sean a ring and he'll get you set up with the best looking clothes you've ever worn, and do so with the upmost professionalism and care."

Jeff Handler,
Brentwood, CA