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Every Nuinspiration client's journey begins with a thorough questionnaire to understand your personality, goals, values, where you want to go and who you want to be, then transform your ordinary wealth into extraordinary wealth.



Every entrepreneur and executive needs to look their best and project the image that commands respect and displays their authority. Nuinspiration will help you maintain and build the image that supports both the needs above and your personality.


Your image is responsible for what you're wearing, how you're talking to prospects and the reputation you leave behind. Nuinspiration will help you create an image that adapts to scenarios with confidence, positivity, and relatability while keeping your personality intact. 


You're the executive, the sales force, head of recruitment and lead decision-maker. When you're wearing so many hats, your image is considered last by you, first by others. Nuinspiration will help you be perceived properly by those who will impact your business's growth the most.

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  • Non-verbally projecting your story and avoiding misperceptions about who you are through ‘Personal Branding’.
  • Ridding your closet of ill-fitting, unflattering clothing with ‘Wardrobe Audits’.

  • Knowing what to wear for different occasions, avoiding decision fatigue and feeling lost when figuring out what to wear with ‘Outfit Development’.

  • Get personal, hassle-free shopping guidance and spend less time at stores with ‘Assisted Shopping’.

  • Get clothes that actually fit you with ‘Made-to-Measure Custom Menswear’, and ditch the stores altogether.

  • Get professional facial and hair styles with ‘Grooming Techniques’.

  • Influence your audience positively, build better relationships and avoid awkward, dead-end conversations with ‘Networking Tactics’.

  • Build non-verbal rapport with potential business contacts more effectively with ‘Body Language Coaching’.

  • Avoid appearing unapproachable and build a more credible online image with ‘Professional Headshots’ and ‘LinkedIn Profile Makeovers’.

Nuinspiration's Been There

Nuinspiration's founder, Sean Ireton, has likely been through similar experiences as you in business. Offering his unique perspective on image perception and learning from yours, he can help you overcome your challenges.

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