What does an Image Consultant actually do?

Nuinspiration's Sean Ireton (left), helping a client find the right casual clothes based on Personal Branding materials developed specifically for him. Photography by  Stephanie Portugal  at  Alexander Robert Trading Co .

Nuinspiration's Sean Ireton (left), helping a client find the right casual clothes based on Personal Branding materials developed specifically for him. Photography by Stephanie Portugal at Alexander Robert Trading Co.

Great question, friend.

It's a question that's asked a lot, so you're not alone. It's confusing, because it's an industry that's only been around for a short time. It's certainly not as well established as a real estate agent, contractor, plumber, financial advisor, mortgage broker or accountant. Because this profession is not as well known, this article was written to help you understand what it is and how it can benefit you.


How is an Image Consultant different from a Personal Stylist or Wardrobe Consultant?

It's first important to distinguish an Image Consultant from common professions like Personal Stylists and Wardrobe Consultants. They're relatively similar, but have a few fundamental differences. An Image Consultant focuses on improving a client's appearance, behavior, communication, and how they present themselves both offline and online, while a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant focuses primarily on just a client's wardrobe. In some cases, an Image Consultant is also a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant like Nuinspiration.


Image Consulting in its purest form formulates a strategy for a client, tackling every aspect of how he presents himself. An Image Consultant uses the following key elements in a given strategy to combine an authentic and cohesive personal brand: psychological understanding of perception, and marketing tactics.


Personal Stylists generally execute a variety of services for clients, with an end goal in mind of curating looks for their lifestyles based on personality, body type, colors, and patterns that support their appearance. Wardrobe Consultants generally do everything a Personal Stylist does, with the addition of auditing closets and/or shopping. Oftentimes these two roles are combined as one individual professional or company.


One isn't Necessarily Better than the Other, They Just Have Different Purposes

Personal Stylists and Wardrobe Consultants are great for helping with your general appearance like picking/choosing the right clothing, hairstyle and accessories, but those only make up half of your Personal Brand and Image.

Our world is drastically changing every day. Entrepreneurs and startups are more prevalent than ever, and traditional corporate culture is beginning to dwindle and restructure for the modern era. But fundamentally, perception is still the same as its always been. You have 2-7 seconds to make a solid first impression whether you're working with clients, being hired and even dating. If your outward appearance and your personality aren't in alignment, you'll be written off or completely ignored. Creating the proper alignment is the other half of your Personal Brand and Image; that's what Image Consulting does for you.


How Nuinspiration Men's Image Consulting Bridges all the Gaps for Your Personal and Professional Success


Your appearance is important and encompasses your personal style and grooming habits. Developing a unique personal style requires a deep understanding of color, patterns, fabrics, style trends and hairstyles, and we pull it all together for you in an easy-to-comprehend guide that you use to your advantage.


Your appearance also encompasses your mental and physical wellbeing, but is approached separately from your personal style and sometimes before. This is a factor that's not only for feeling good and living longer, but it also shows others how well you take care of yourself; lending insight into how well you take care of them. We'll pair you with a trainer and nutrition plan that's best for you and your goals.


Your outward appearance is only the tip of the iceberg, because your overall attitude dictates how you behave and interact with others. Shifting your attitude and behavior helps to positively impact how you're perceived after the first 2-7 seconds of being seen. We'll scrutinize and evaluate your actions and help you refine your behavioral actions through body language and other non-verbal communication, creating more alignment between your internal and external selves.


This is not just about telling you how to say something, this is encompassing that as well as understanding what you say. By understanding where you currently are with your personal life and career in conjunction with where you want to be, we begin to shift your communication style and skills so they support your appearance, health, behavior and online presence.


How do you interact with others online and what pops up when you search yourself on Google? Your social media bio (or lack thereof), one post, one comment, one like, one share, one video or one photo can damage your reputation rapidly whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat. With a big picture perspective, we'll review what content is currently being seen and how it's being perceived, and help you refine your online approach so you're only supporting your reputation instead of hindering it.

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