It's ok to give a shit about how you dress.

Give more thought into how you present yourself. How are you dressing yourself right now? Are you wearing t-shirts all the time, baggy jeans, and oversized sport coats where the sleeves come down way past your wrists, the length of the damn thing almost hit your knees, or that the jacket chest is 2-3x what your actual chest is?

Look, I'm not advocating for wearing suits every day like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. I just want you to pay attention to what your wearing says about you. What story is your appearance telling the world? Are you the sales manager or top performer at a Real Estate office, but you're dressed like a goddamn intern at the nearby no-name insurance office? Maybe you're a barber who wants to cut the hair of celebrities or celebrity-level clientele, but you're dressed like a skater kid who just barely graduated high school. Or, if you're a Financial Advisor wearing shit that was cool in 1996, you need to STOP doing that now, because finance changes quite a bit and if you don't look modern with your fashion, people will think you don't know your shit as well as you know you do until you have a chance to speak.

At this point, you're probably asking, "why is this so important though? I don't care what people think of me or how I dress." Here's my answer: you SHOULD care.

Here's the deal. People make split-second judgments about you before you speak. You have a 3 second window to make the right impact, and if you're not utilizing your appearance to your advantage, you've already started to lose the battle of credibility.

Wearing well-fitted clothing whether it's a suit, or a fucking pair of jeans and a t-shirt, MATTERS. It's not just about how others perceive you, but it's also about your own confidence. You don't feel comfortable wearing a suit? Fine. Own at least one so you can wear it to fancier events like weddings, but make sure it's fitted for you. I don't want to see jackets with shoulder padding jetting out over your arms or the other fit issues I mentioned above. I also want to see better fitting shirts on you too, like if you have a 16" neck (go get measured by the way, I don't care if I do it or someone else does, just get your measurements), have a 38" chest, and your arm length is 32", wear shirts that closely fit those specs. Stop dicking around with XXL when you should be wearing a large, or wearing a medium when you should be wearing a large.

Here's what you can do to feel more confident about your appearance:

  1. Experiment with what you feel good wearing outside of your usual comfort zone.
  2. Find a few t-shirts, button-down shirts, jeans, slacks and jackets at Nordstrom Rack with varying colors based on your measurements. If you're a big guy, don't stress. There are still big & tall sources both online and at retail that carry your size. Just do a quick Google search. I also provide made-to-measure clothing that will fit you no matter your size.
  3. Shoes. Here's one thing that continues to frustrate me: your square-toed monstrosities and pairing Asics (fitness/activewear) with your business clothes (you're not Steve Jobs). Stop doing both of these things. Save your activewear and fitness sneakers for the gym, and get rid of those square-toed shoes, because those will not compliment your feet; they look bigger and more awkward. Instead, wear shoes that have round toes. They look more natural and they don't elongate the size of your foot, and they're also more timeless than square-toed. Those square toed shoes are a trend straight out of the 90s, so it's time to move on, because round-toe has been the shape of choice since English cobblers were making them over a century ago; there's a reason they're still around.
  4. Learn how to tie a tie properly. Do a YouTube search for tying a "four in hand", "half windsor", and a bow tie. If you see all those novelty knots (The Eldridge KnotTrinity Knot, etc.), avoid them. They're ridiculous and tell people you spent way too much damn time trying to tie your tie in the morning, and that you want the attention.

So, this stuff takes time to get a handle on, which is why I'm here for you. I want to give it to you straight, because if I don't, this advice won't impact you the way it needs to. I just want to be real with you, and share my knowledge so you can shortcut your way to a more successful image and appearance.

This shit can also be difficult on your own, and I get that. Understanding how your appearance impacts yourself and those around you, and executing on that is a whole other challenge. Contact me now, and we'll get all of this resolved for you so you can focus on being an extraordinary hero at what you're passionate about, and I'll build out a Personal Brand (outlining colors, patterns, fits and styles that work best with your body type, skin tone, hair color and personal/professional goals), audit your closet, develop outfits for you based on occasions and what you actually need, and even consult with you on a new hairstyle.

Sean Ireton