A Short Story About Custom Menswear Brand, J. Hilburn

"My father, long time buyer of bespoke clothing was a tough convert to J. Hilburn, and now he's [a huge] fan. Recently he was in Milan, Italy at a shop adjacent to Gucci and Fendi that—among other things—sells bespoke clothing. He was interested in a pair of shoes, and at the time was wearing a J. Hilburn jacket and pair of slacks.

The [store employee] sold him the shoes, but my dad was a little offended that the guy didn't try to sell him custom clothing, so he asked him about it. The salesman replied, 'sir, nothing that we sell in this store comes close to comparing to the quality of the beautiful and well tailored garment you are currently wearing.' 

So yeah, our quality is on point."

-Margot Wampler,
Fellow J. Hilburn Stylist

Sean Ireton