First Styled Photo Shoot

I styled my first photo shoot the other night, and it was fantastic. The final images turned out really well, and the process was nothing but exciting and fun. I enjoyed making my good friend, Ryan Ouzts look good in the suit we shopped for along with the shirts I picked out to go with the suit.

Ryan is no seasoned model by trade, but he learns quickly and is easy to work with. This and working with a great photographer like Kevin Fiscus made the experience that much better.

When shopping with Ryan, I quickly found a modern, and versatile suit that fit him perfectly off the rack, and it was also very affordable. After the suit, I found a few shirts and accessories that nicely paired with the suit to create a classic look with more modern, tailored fit.

For the shoot, I had the challenge of working within the constrains of no budget. Literally no budget. Ryan at the time of purchase, was not planning on buying any of the clothing. With that, I had to keep the clothing in good condition so I could return it all later. Fortunately, after Ryan tried on the suit for the first time and started to feel good in it, he decided to purchase it.

I learned a lot with this experience. I ran out of time, and ultimately didn't get as many looks out of the shoot as I had originally hoped. So next time I'll need to practice more effective time management and outfit preparedness to streamline the photo shoot process.

Check out the gallery below:

Sean Ireton