Why style advice is better when it's in-person.


Keep in mind that this article is clearly biased, but for good reasons. Said reasons are outlined below to help guys in Los Angeles truly understand that style advice is better given by a local professional who takes care of you in person.

A Phone Call Isn't Enough

With big brands taking the helm with mail-order, month-to-month, arrive-on-your-doorstep box services, the process itself is getting less personal. Sure, a stylist over the phone consults with you just as Nuinspiration would (asking questions to understand your lifestyle and what you need or want), but they can't measure you, see your body language, or come to you to physically analyze your wardrobe. The process has become a little too robotic (and that's coming from a millennial who typically loves technological leverage). Simply put: a stylist on the phone can't do nearly as great at their job assisting customers as a local business can; where a representative can go to customers wherever is most convenient and really get to know them and their style.

Style Is, and Always Will Be, Personal

Relationship-building is at the core of every successful business, but when there's just a voice on the other end, you're only getting a fraction of a true relationship with your stylist. With Nuinspiration, there is greater value in a higher price because a local Los Angeles representative will visit customers, measure them, and provide style advice based on understandings of who you are face-to-face. When's the last time you went to a bar with a group of your buddies over FaceTime or on a phone call? Never, right? Or at least if you did, it wasn't all that fun.

Make Your Options Limitless

Not to mention, these phone-based companies are making a killing by selling you the cheapest stuff they can find in bulk. Sure, they earn considerably higher margins in profit, but they can't provide customers with "outside-the-box" solutions. Literally. They have a few specific brands they sell in their boxed service, and that's it. With Nuinspiration, a customer can be taken to virtually any store in Los Angeles depending on budget, or can even be assisted in-person with shopping online. That not only means a better experience for the customer, but it's also great for other small business owners who earn business from Nuinspiration's clients.

Shopping isn't fun for most men. It is, however, certainly a helluva lot more fun with another guy there helping them out like a friend would. Nuinspiration is legitimately a brand that facilitates joy and excitement in menswear, helping build confidence in every guy's wardrobe.

Owner of Nuinspiration and Certified Stylist, Sean Ireton seriously enjoys helping other guys out with the shopping process and makes sure they're comfortable and have a good time too. Style deserves to be more personal than just the occasional phone chat and box on your doorstep. Hire a guy that will be there for you every step of the way, and who can actually buy you a beer when you've had a rough week.

Sean Ireton