Menswear - The Double Breasted Suit

I've been asked how I personally feel about the double breasted suit, and if I think it's a good choice in a man's wardrobe. In this post, I'll explain a bit about my opinion and provide some tips on how to find your first or next double breasted suit.

The choice to wear the iconic style has been embraced by David Letterman, Prince Charles, David Beckham, and many others. But these days, wearing a DB suit isn't just grabbing your dad's or grandpa's, dusting it off, and going out for the day [or night]. It's about taking the classic style and pushing it towards the modern fit, leaving behind the boxier tailoring and over-sized fits from the '80s.

Wearing the DB jacket is a sheer power move. It's saying, "I'm here to make moves and make shit happen." Since hardly anyone wears the DB suit, it's calling out a lot of attention to itself and you if you choose to add it to your wardrobe.

There are a couple style options to keep in mind when selecting your first or next DB jacket/suit:

  • Subtle. A solid pattern, and more conservative color will do perfect for utilizing the jacket without calling TOO much attention to yourself.
  • Loud and proud. If you're the type to go all out for the purpose of having everyone look at you, go for it. To accomplish this, choose a larger pattern like the windowpane (with hard contrast between the pattern and base suit color), a loud base color, or a combination of both.

Setting up the fit and how to wear it:

Michael B. Jordan featured in:  GQ's 'Live the Double Life '

Michael B. Jordan featured in:
GQ's 'Live the Double Life'

  • Take in the sides. Like I mentioned above: out with the box, in with the slim. Have a pro tailor take in the sides so the jacket just barely hugs your chest and mid-section, leaving about 0.5" - 1" of breathing room (see left).
  • Frame the shoulders. The jacket shoulders shouldn't be hanging out over your arms. They should fit snug--not tight--over your shoulders similarly to how a good, custom fitting shirt would (see left).
  • Show some cuff. Like with how your other suits should be, show 0.25" - 0.5" of shirt cuff (not shown).
  • How to button. Please, never button the bottom. It'll look stodgy, and stuffy. Only buttoning the middle will let others know that you know what you're doing.


So do I think the DB suit is a good style choice?

Yes. You might want to invest in at least one for your wardrobe. Like with all suits, navy is your best bet. It's the most versatile color, adding the ability to pair with just about anything.

Where to get a great DB suit:

Banana Republic offers the jacket above for $648, while I provide personalized suiting from $650+ which is tons better. Why is it better? Because it's for you, not for every other guy in the mall. Contact me for details.

Sean Ireton