Sac Fashion Week 2015 - Day 5

Last night I had the opportunity of attending Sacramento Fashion Week's "Emerging Next Showcase" at Federico Beauty Institute displaying works from local designers Tyniece Hall, Helen Romero, Theresa Truong, Sinan Dunlap, Nancy Her, Rebeka Garn, and Frankie Vanity. It was a hypnotizing experience, after all it was my first fashion show. I had always seen them via photos from GQ, live Twitter updates, or Instagram. A strictly digital display never quite matches an offline experience.

Before the show began, I walked into Federico's entryway where a good designer friend of mine Carlo was grinding on his t-shirt game. Armed with shirts wrapped in Adalberto's burrito wrappers, he was thriving on that Fashion Week vibe peddling with a high level of passion that few people I've seen express very often.

After checking in and greeting Carlo, I made my way to the ballroom to enjoy the show. While waiting for the show to start, local DJ DJ Hustle was playing a great set of soulful, jazzy, funky house music to build the anticipation for what was to come. I was bouncing to the music excited as a child waiting to get his hands on the latest and greatest toys before all his friends got their own.

The show then began, and it operated just as I had expected. I watched the models walk up and down the designated aisles showing off each designer's hard work and dedication to their craft. There was a myriad of styles, each clearly expressed as an obvious influence from each designer's own personal style. From urban influence expressing bright colors and strong fabric contrasts, to whimsical personifications of deer, recycled materials, 20s flapper reinterpretations, and South-East Asian influenced two-tone shorts and t-shirt combinations.

Not only were the models showing off interesting men and women's wear, but a large majority of attendees at the event were also dressed to the nines expressing their enthusiastic love for fashion. Some guests following in the street style footsteps of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, some dressed more conservatively and formal in full suits.

By taking a steady look around the room at guests and models alike, I could see where each individual's personal style is expressed. I saw it not only in how they dress, but also in their eyes, body language, and interactions with others.

Our sense of individuality is one of the most beautiful things to me; how many styles vary between cultures, how these cultural influences can combine to create one cohesive clothing collection, and how these collections are adopted by fashionable creatives to express themselves in any way they like. "Emerging Next" was an incredible experience filled with fun displays of creativity, and it has helped to increase my interest in fashion even further.

Here are a few photos from the event (please excuse the poor quality, I'll have better photos next time!):

  • When was your first fashion show, and what was that experience like?
  • What's your personal style?

Take a moment to post your thoughts below!

Sean Ireton