Getting Started

So far so good.

It's pretty different calling myself a business owner now. And it's not just calling myself a "freelance" stylist. I am a stylist now; a Men's Stylist. That feels pretty good.

So far I've:

  • Filed a Fictitious Business Name Statement
  • Designed and printed Nuinspiration business cards
  • Began selling J. Hilburn custom clothing, completing several goals as a new stylist
  • Gained 10 clients since October, 2014
  • Created my online presence
  • and more

I have no formal training in Fashion, but having been a GQ subscriber for several years now and using my talents as an educated UI/UX Designer for a local web design agency, I am able to use a client as a canvas for exploring fashion for the modern man, practicing color theory, proportions, pattern matching, and an overall sense of design principles. These qualifications combined with my natural, outgoing personality have drastically helped put my clients at ease during an otherwise uncomfortable process.

I've always been a fan of fashion since I was young, and didn't even realize it until now after my grandmother told me, "You've always wanted to wear a suit. Ever since you saw James Bond for the first time." The desire to dress well has evolved from the desire to sculpt a project from absolutely nothing into something you can use. Currently it's websites, but soon (full-time) it will be the self-perception of men who want to feel good about themselves through the way they dress.

Not only is it the fashion that thrills me, but so does the business side: networking, marketing, business development, and more. I was born to be a business owner, and from here forward is the documented growth of who I am, and how Nuinspiration will evolve.

Sean Ireton